When You Have 5 Snow Days in 3 Weeks

Second semester started January 20th. Since then (three weeks as of February 10), we’ve had five snow days in the city of Boston. All my friends in the Northeast, you understand the struggle of the past three weeks.

@internetryan tweets:
“BREAKING: Massachusetts is cancelled.”

In honor of having nothing to do, but stay inside (because there’s literally 4 feet of snow piled up), here are some pictures from the last 5 snow days.

The calm before the storm.
Notice there’s already a decent amount of snow on the ground…yeah that’s nothing.

SO MANY INCHES OF SNOW just on the windowsill.

We made a “cozy corner” in our dorm and watched Friends.
I guess you can say we’re cute roommates.

Around 5pm, when I was getting a bit of cabin fever from being inside all day, it was time to venture into the storm. It was also still snowing, as it had been for the past 24 hours.

Stocking up for the next round of snow. The forecast said 20 inches and I took it seriously. Sometimes trekking to the dining hall just isn’t worth your nose feeling like it’s going to fall off.

Yes, a lovely cup of coffee on snow day four. It’s become quite a routine.
On snow days: wake up late, make coffee, scroll through social media, and hibernate.

Apparently my cabin fever always comes around 5pm because on snow day 4 we took a stroll over to UBurger (my first UBurger experience by the way and the hot dogs were awesome).

As my friend Clara put it: “Welcome to Boston where it snows 24/7!”

With love,


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    Julia Paige
    February 11, 2015 at 6:19 pm

    such awesome ways to spend your snow days. i can't believe you've had so many! curling up and watching friends would definitely be my favourite way to wait out the storm!

  • Reply
    Esra Sevgi
    February 11, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    yeah it's been the most insane winter of my life! that was my favorite part as well!(: xo

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