What I Eat In A Day: College Student

There’s something satisfying about getting a nosy peek into someone’s life. Whether that be what they pack for a trip, what they eat in a day, or what they consider their essentials to be, I always find it fascinating. If you’re as nosy as I am, I hope you enjoy.

A little disclaimer: by no means am I saying that this is what you should eat or how much you should eat. This is just a random day in the life, and it’s the amount I found I needed that day as well as the foods that made me feel best. Listen to your body — it typically knows what’s up. Also, you’ll notice there aren’t any beverages pictured besides coffee. That’s because other than coffee or tea, I really only drink water (and water isn’t so fun to photograph). But I carry a water bottle with me pretty much everywhere and refill it multiple times throughout the day — stay hydrated folks.


My time spent in London made me an oatmeal lover. Having a warm breakfast is so comforting on winter mornings, and this morning I had my go-to oatmeal combo of oats, bananas, cinnamon, maple syrup, and peanut butter.


Breakfast for breakfast and breakfast for lunch? I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a usual occurrence. If I’m not having breakfast for lunch, I’m probably eating leftovers from dinner the night before. Here we have some scrambled eggs with spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes, turmeric & pepper, and a side of breakfast potatoes with sriracha.

Snack #1:

It’s definitely not berry season, but I am a sucker for blueberries. Don’t be fooled, I had all of the rest of the blueberries in the container too.

3pm Slump:

An almond milk cappuccino to keep me going. We all know how I feel about coffee.

Snack #2:

^Have we gotten the sense that I eat more often than just breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Dark chocolate is my sweet of choice.


Here we have what I like to call “take whatever you have left and put it on a plate.” This edition featured chicken nuggets, carrots, mashed avocado and some Mary’s crackers (I added more carrots and crackers). Frozen nuggets are a life saver when I’m running low on groceries or have no time to cook.

Dinner #2:

*Unfortunately not pictured because it was about 10:15pm and I came back from a meeting starving.

A second dinner is common in my life. Normally I’d reheat whatever leftover veggies I have, but alas I had finished them the day before. So instead, I had an Amy’s burrito (another lifesaver) and an apple.

With love,


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