Sundays Are For Brunch

If there was ever an excuse to brunch, it’s for my beautiful big’s 21st birthday. But to be honest, who needs an excuse to brunch?

Stephanie’s has been a favorite amongst my friends and I (and pretty much the rest of Boston) since we tried it. It’s the place we always get together as a big group, and for the last few months it had been closed for renovation, but PSA: after what felt like forever, it’s back!

And just in time to celebrate this gem’s birthday.

The renovations were well worth the wait. As soon as we walked through the doors, we all had wide eyes. The dark furniture (possibly mahogany — Hunger Games anyone?) and burgundy table cloths were replaced with shades of white, soft grays, and a pop of orange. We were lead to the second floor (featuring a skylight) where a long table was set up for the 12 of us.

Of course, the big decision for most was between eggs benedict or french toast. Mind you, not just any french toast — frittered french toast: “creamy blend of marscapone cheese and raspberry
jam between battered french toast and pan fried”

Basically, the best french toast I’ve ever had. But as a savory girl, I opted for my tried and true eggs benedict.

Plus, I knew my friends would be willing to share (:

It never disappoints.

With full tummies and happy hearts, we headed back to campus to finish all the chores, assignments, and studying that Sundays give us time to catch up on.

And with the flowers finally beginning to bloom (or in this case planted), it was a lovely walk down Newbury and Boylston.

Happy 21st birthday, Victoria! This one’s for you.

With love,


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