Sorority Recruitment

5 days, countless Starbucks runs, and 24 parties later, I am proud to be a KAPPA DELTA!

Sorority recruitment was definitely both an exhausting and exciting process. For those of you who don’t know how it works, I’ll break it down for you (it may be and probably is a little bit different depending on your school):

At my school, recruitment was broken up into 5 days.

Day 1: On the first day you will visit all of the sororities offered at your school; at mine, there are 10. So, we had 15 minute “parties” at each one and at the end of the say we chose the top 8 we would like to return to the next day and the chapters also make decisions as well. This first day was casual attire so I wore burgundy pants, brown riding boots, a blouse and a cardigan (I planned on taking a picture to show to you guys, but the days were quite hectic).

*When you visit a sorority it is called a “party” but it’s not actually a PARTAY. It’s more of a meet and great where you get to talk to some of the current members.

Day 2: The second night is referred to as the philanthropy round. The parties this time are 30 minutes as opposed to 15 and you will visit up to 8 sororities. Basically, you get to talk more to different girls and they also make a presentation about the philanthropies that they support. On this day I wore jeans, riding boots, and purple sweater, and a statement necklace. At the end of the day you narrow it down to 5 sororities.

Day 3: It’s sisterhood round! This was probably one of my favorite nights of recruitment. Today you go to up to 5 sororities for 45 minutes each. Generally, each sorority will have some sort of slideshow or presentation to show what being in their chapter is like. All of the sororities that I visited had absolutely adorable presentations, ahhh just thinking about it makes me smile! This is also business casual day. At the end of the day you narrow it down to 2.

Day 4: Preference! During pref night you visit up to 2 sororities for 1 hour parties. Again, you will get to further know the girls and you will also be involved in a special ceremony or ritual (ritual sounds kinda scary, but I promise it’s not at all). This is also the formal night where everyone gets dressed up in cocktail dresses and heels (or flats!). At the end of the day, you rank the sororities you visited. So essentially, you’re first choice and second choice to receive a bid from.

Day 5: BID NIGHT! AKA the night we’ve all been waiting for! As you can probably guess, tonight is the night where you potentially get a bid, or invitation, to a sorority (hopefully it’s one you feel at home in!). After a few minutes of anxious anticipation (since you can’t open your bid until they tell you to), everyone runs over to the sorority they have been invited into and it’s basically a night of celebration!

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