My Favorite Ice Cream Spots in NYC

13612184_10210225462659791_8383557095256004858_nI might put on my resume that for the summer of 2016 I was a part-time ice cream taster.
Totally wasn’t, but you’d think I was with the amount of it I ate.

Before Mother Nature swaps out the sunshine for a crisp autumn breeze, be sure to give my top 3 favorite ice cream spots in New York City a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

1. Ample Hills Creamery

Ample Hills Creamery prides itself in being equal parts ice-creamery and bakery because of the
mouthwatering, homemade mix-ins (chunks of goodness mixed into the ice cream). The “Ooey
Gooey Butter Cake” is hands down my favorite flavor. It’s creamy vanilla ice cream with
generous amounts of Louisiana style butter cake and MAN OH MAN is it to die for! I’m not
even one who typically goes for vanilla based flavors if that tells you anything. The other flavors are just as creamy and wonderful.

They have 4 permanent locations — 2 in Brooklyn and 2 in Manhattan.
PS: they sell pieces of the butter cake itself if you find yourself hooked.
PPS: “Chocolate Milk and Cookies” was the employee pick.

2. Sundaes and Cones

You’ll find a unique range of flavors here. They have everything from classics like chocolate and vanilla to corn to Thai tea to red velvet (you get the picture). Lavender is one of their most popular flavors. Every single one I’ve tried (and the ones my friends have tried too) have been sure winners.

The real test for me was when I sampled their banana ice cream. If you don’t know this about
me, banana is my favorite flavor, but most places do not do it justice. Every ice cream shop I go to I try their banana ice cream (if they have it), and it usually ends in disappointment. Well, folks, Sundaes and Cones passed the banana ice cream test! Passed with flying colors actually.

Stroll down to the East Village and you’ll be in ice cream heaven!

3. OddFellows

Another ice cream shop not afraid to venture into uncharted flavor territory. Think: cornbread
and miso cherry (just to name two). Personally, I have my eye on carrot cake cream cheese for
my next visit. The flavors available change regularly because this Williamsburg-based shop
makes fresh, small batches of their ice cream.

Note: OddFellows is highly loved, so don’t be surprised if they run out of some flavors by late afternoon!

With love,


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