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Over winter break my mom and I decided to try a meal delivery service. I’m sure you’ve all seen ads for blue apron, green chef, etc. — there’s dozens of companies to choose from. After some research, we decided on Plated.

Here’s the premise: you sign up, pick how often you’d like to cook, and what you like to eat. Next, you choose from the 11 different recipe options each week (dessert optional). Then you’ll receive your weekly box with everything you need for the meals you selected. And the best part — in my opinion — is that you’re sent exactly the right amount of what you’ll need for the recipe. Meaning, if a recipe calls for 3 scallions, you’ll be sent 3 scallions. Not only do you skip measuring ingredients, but there’s less waste too!

So how’d we get on?

We did two weeks of meals with two meals each week. I genuinely mean it when I say each and every single meal we tried was amazing. They were easy to make, and portion sizes were super generous (we always had leftovers). The ingredients were fresh, seasonal (said to be better for digestion), and overall great quality.

The weekly box came with everything separately packaged by meal, so everything you needed for X recipe was together and everything you needed for Y recipe was together. I can also speak to the customer service aspect. One of our boxes came missing two of the meal cards. We chatted with Plated’s online customer service, and the woman was super friendly and quickly sent over the missing PDF’s by email.

Something that I found sets Plated apart is the option to chose which meals you want. We tried another company — not worth mentioning — and they sent whatever was on the designated menu for the week aka no flexibility. This also can become a problem if you have dietary restrictions or general food preferences.

Two of the meals we made included caprese chicken with a warm spinach salad, and cauliflower curry with basmati rice. We also tried out one of the desserts, which was a tiramisu bread pudding (my mom’s absolute favorite of everything we made).

Caprese Chicken

Cauliflower Curry

Tiramisu Bread Pudding

Overall, both my mom and I were extremely pleased with our Plated experience, and I think it’s especially amazing if you’re a busy individual (cuts out both grocery shopping and deciding on what to cook!).

Note: this all took place pre-gluten sensitivity realization, but they have a ton of GF friendly options, which I really appreciate!

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