Missing Adventure & The Gobi Desert

I was in the middle of writing a post on camera settings (coming up, don’t worry), and I got distracted — shocker — and found myself missing the Gobi Desert. If you’re like “LOL what, Esra?” let me explain. A ton of my friends are leaving or have already left to study abroad this semester *sighs* and it’s making my wanderlust go into hyperdrive as I sit at home in fuzzy, flying pig printed pajamas.

I started thinking about past trips, and without fail one of the most life changing adventures I’ve ever been on was a month spent in China when I was 16. I have more stories and memories from that time than I can count on all my fingers and toes. So many firsts, so many things I never imaged I’d get the chance to see in this lifetime (ex: the Great Wall). One of those being the Gobi Desert!

Hello 16 year old me, with insanely long hair.
Fun Fact: this was around the time Tangled came out; with my super long hair and big green eyes, I was nicknamed Rapunzel at school. For some reason, I really wasn’t fond of this haha.

I can still remember slipping on those fabric boots, taking a bumpy truck ride deeper into the desert, and “sledding” down the sand dunes before riding camels. Because it was oh so appropriate, my friend and I sang “My Humps” as we rode along. Apparently I named my camel Bucko, which I had completely forgotten until skimming through the journal I kept while I was there. I laughed so hard when I read it — this is why you should keep travel journals!

I remember thinking I can’t believe I’m here.

How can I bare to be stagnant or sit still when there are places like these in the world to see? Fortunately I have one trip already booked for this year…I don’t think any of you will be surprised by where it’s to.
Stay tuned…

With love,


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