Means To A Destination

And here’s a throwback of me circa 2010 having fun at the airport (as always).

Disclaimer: I went to the airport with my Dad and brother last night to pick up my Mom who was coming home from Turkey. Just being there brought back so many positive emotions that I associate with traveling. The following is a thought process and description that I feel a lot of people, and fellow travel lovers, can relate to. Also, don’t attempt to walk onto the runway to take pictures; I was given special permission and the planes knew I was there so I wasn’t in harms way. Enjoy!

You look out the window and see the fast approaching, neatly labeled, and color coordinated signs that send a flutter through your chest. This is really happening. Your eyes quickly search the listed airlines to make sure you follow the right arrow to your terminal.

Terminal 1, terminal 1, gotta remember terminal 1. And there’s the exit! Okay. Next, parking.

You drive through the always packed rows of cars in pursuit of that one spot waiting just for you. And there it is! Damn. That car beat me to it. And the drive-through maze continues until you’re pulling into a space, smiling at your success.

Popping open the trunk, you stare at your luggage and think “yeah, that’ll definitely be under 50 pounds.” You go to lift it up and are suddenly certain someone must have filled your bag with rocks while you weren’t looking — no way it was this heavy when you left the house. Okay, sooo…maybe it’ll be just about 50 pounds…no more than 52 for sure… And they don’t care if it’s only 2 pounds over, right?

Rolling your overpacked suitcase behind you, you make your way to the terminal doors and forget all about your worries of abiding by the airline weight limit. How could you worry in such a place of adventure? You pause just after going through the hopefully automatic doors because nothing is more inconvenient than maneuvering luggage in revolving ones.

With just a scan of the layout in front of you, you see families double and triple checking that they have everyone and everything together, business men and women dressed in suits that you can’t help but think must be so uncomfortable on long flights, young couples and groups with travel backpacks strapped to them, and a wonderful array or everyone else in between. Laughter and talking is mixed with the sound of wheels rolling against the floor and overhead announcements.

This is a place of possibility and wonder. This is a means to a destination. This is travel.

And is there anything better?

With love,


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