Liquid Eyeliner Showdown


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper vs. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Black

These are two of the most raved about high-end liquid liners. They’re the ones you reach for to achieve that perfect winged liner. For the past year (maybe two) I had been using the Stila liner and I didn’t have any complaints. To be real, I repurchased it about three times and I didn’t have any interest in trying something new. Recently my Stila liner was getting to the point of drying out and I had the urge to test out the Kat Von D liner instead. After working with both, here’s how they compare in my mind:Both products (in my opinion) have equal staying power and color payoff. They’re also about the same price.

K A T  V O N  D :
○ Brush tip applicator
○ Matte black look

S T I L A :
○ Felt tip applicator
○ “Shiny” black look

Which do I prefer?
The Stila Stay All Day Liner still has my heart. The felt tip of the Stila liner can get fuzzy bits sometimes, but the Kat Von D liner doesn’t release as much product; it seems to need a break before even finishing one eye. Personally I prefer dealing with a sometimes fuzzy tip over waiting for product to come out. Overall, they’re both excellent eyeliners and it all comes down to preference.

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