For The Love Of Dumplings


My best friends and I had a goodbye dinner last night as two out of three of us are going back to school within the next 48 hours. We went to a local Asian restaurant (they have Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine, etc.) and I was so excited to try their dumplings. We’ve been multiple times before but it was the first time I paid particular attention to their dumpling menu.

B A C K G R O U N D  I N F O : I’ve been dumpling obsessed for the past few months.

I was really tempted to get both the steamed pork soup buns and the steamed shrimp shumai, but I knew that was a bit ambitious so I decided on the pork soup buns. I traveled through China for a month almost three years ago and that’s where I was first introduced to the concept of soup dumplings. Soup INSIDE of a dumpling. How cool? Along with my soup dumplings I ordered a side of sautéed mixed vegetables (yum).

T I P : When tackling soup dumplings, bite a small hole into the dumpling and sip the soup inside. Once the soup is done, then eat the dumpling. If you try and take a normal bite IT WILL be a mess.

We finished off the night by chatting in Barnes and Nobles until our parking meters were up. You know you’re in good company when you’re rushing to the car at the last minute in hopes of not getting a ticket.

Heather: “I parked next to you because I thought it would be cute.”

Dumplings and lifelong friends. What could be better?

With love,


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    Emily Leung
    January 11, 2015 at 10:48 pm

    Thank goodness you're getting the real thing instead of fake Chinese food! (It's a bazillion times better.) I love the juicy buns as we like to call it here or its proper Chinese name, xiao long bao. They are so delicious, but often burn my tongue when the hot juice squirts out! I saw green onion pancakes in the background, and they look absolutely delicious 🙂 Glad you're enjoying authentic Chinese cuisine!

    Emily //

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    Esra Sevgi
    January 12, 2015 at 3:20 am

    I agree, it doesn't compare! Yeah it actually said the proper Chinese name on the menu as well! Haha that happens to me too when I eat them without waiting for them to cool down (it's hard to wait because they're so good!). Thanks so much, Emily! xo

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    January 13, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    i love dumplings, these look amazing!

    xx danielle //

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