Dreaming Of England

So going along with my recent airport post, today I’d like to talk about London, and really England as a whole.

I’ve always wanted to visit, but over the past year or so, I’ve become obsessed with England. The first thing that comes to my mind is my roommate’s tumblr “I just want to be British.” She’s just as, if not more, in love with England as I am. But seriously, in the spirit of her tumblr, I just want to be British.

A few things at the start of Freshman year got me hooked on this lovely country. First, my student advisor studied abroad in London and was saying how amazing of an experience it was for her. Second, one of my best friends and roommate (same one as mentioned earlier) introduced me to Zoella on YouTube. She’s the sweetest, most positive and genuine girl I’ve ever watched online, and she quickly became a staple in my TV/Netflix/YouTube routine. She also has a blog, so check them both out if you don’t already know who she is! But anyway, Zoe is British and she shares a lot of her regular life in her videos. The bits and pieces of Brighton, as well as the culture in general, came off so quaint and right up my ally. Third, being a planner by nature, I started looking up potential study abroad programs (even though I won’t be going until my Junior year…haha looking at other peoples study abroad pictures gets you excited okayy!) and two in particular caught my eye because they have options for my major (PR) AND they include a guaranteed internship, which is awesome. And those two locations? London and Sydney. I’d be more than lucky to go to either, but London has a hold on my heart, and here’s to hoping I’ll get accepting into the program next year!

So since I have a year and a half until I’ll be studying abroad, but I was already so ready to go, I decided to put my positive energy into more planning (shocker). I read through a ton of articles that had titles like “Must Do Things in London!” and “Top (insert number here) Must See Places in London!” Based on those articles, and blog posts by various British online personalities, I came up with a London Bucket List. It includes places to eat, places to visit, night time activities, things to NOT waste your money on, etc. Now, I would post the list for those of you going abroad soon, but I feel like it’s not completely finished and I’ll want to edit it quite a few times before my own study abroad trip. BUT to help you out, I’m going to leave you with a link to one of the most comprehensive lists that I found: 101 Things To Do In London

Also, here’s a link to a guy that did all of the activities, and it’s great because he tells you what he thinks about each so you can get an idea of which ones are worth while!

Photos courtesy of NeiljsGrand Parc – Bordeaux, France, and Harshil Shah respectively.

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