DIY Wall of Frames

I’ve been seeing these “Wall of Frames” all over the place and I absolutely love them. I really wanted to make one for my dorm room so I did just that (as you can tell since it is now a blog post), but I used very light wooden frames that aren’t exactly meant to be picture frames, or maybe they are, but they don’t have backing. Either way, I wanted to use these because I knew they’d be easy to hang up with command strips once I move in, and I’m so happy with the way they turned out.

So let’s jump into how I did it!

To start off, you’re going to need your frames of choice and either paint or spray paint. If you decide to go with paint, you’ll need some brushes and a paper plate as well as a surface to paint on like a magazine, newspaper, or garbage bag (personally I recommend a garbage bag so it doesn’t stick), and Mod Podge to seal everything as well as make it glossy. If you decide on spray paint then you’ll just need a surface to paint on.

I decided to go with spray paint since I find it much easier to use. I laid out a garbage bag in my backyard (you want to do this somewhere with good ventilation — outside is best) and weighed down the edges with rocks so that it wouldn’t blow away or blow onto the drying paint. I then sprayed each frame with a few even coats of spray paint and left them to dry.

Once your frames are painted and dry, all you need are some pictures to put in them! I found most of my pictures from Tumblr, printed them out, cut them down to size, and use tape to secure them in the back.

And this is the finished product! So simple and quick.

Let me know if you guys try it out or if you’ve been as into this “decor trend”, if you will, as I am!

With love,


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