Dear Roommates


Dear Roommates,

*all of whom are not pictured*
Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being there to cheer me up on all the days I’ve come home feeling defeated, sick, or fed up with society. You’ve all been there to complain with me even if what I’m complaining about is irrational.

Thank you for making me laugh until I cry (and fall out of my chair).

Thank you for LITERALLY scooping me out of bed and refusing to let me mope around on particularly dramatic days.

Thank you for supporting my impromptu dance sessions or “concerts” (me pretending I can sing) in the common room (and thank you for only snapchatting said dance sessions and concerts to our other roommates).

Thank you for letting me drag you to the dining hall at all hours of the day/night because I’m forever hungry and you’ve accepted that (and thank you for using your meal swipes on me when I run out…).Thank you for never hesitating to offer me your clothes for work events, formals, and basically anything else that would require me to wear a dress.

Thank you for supporting my love of ABC Family even though its the fuzziest channel we get (especially 25 Days of Christmas).

Thank you for keeping our common-room-box-of-snacks full of chocolate.

Thank you for letting me play the same playlist of songs 358206543 times until you can easily recognize all of them.

Thank you for making going abroad next semester so incredibly bittersweet.

Much love in 607,


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