College Packing List

Presenting the best college packing list!

My inner organization freak was in heaven when I found this list because it makes the process of shopping for your dorm so much easier. By no means do you need everything on it, but the idea is to get rid of the things that don’t apply to you, or that you don’t think you’d use, and then you’re left with a list perfect for you and there’s no way you’ll miss something major.

Master Checklist for Dorm Packing by Nathan Chow

I hope this is helpful for all everyone starting or returning to college this fall! Even though I already have all my dorm supplies and what not, I’ll still definitely be using it in August when I have to pack everything back up. It’s one thing to buy everything, but it’s a whole nother process to pack it all and not leave things behind!

Side Note: I’ll be doing another post on packing tips and tricks for moving into dorms. Move in day is HECTIC and there are small things you can do that will make a huge difference on that hot summer day.

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