Avoiding the Freshman 15

Does the freshman 15 really exist?

Unfortunately, the legend holds true for a lot of college students, but it can be easily avoided. Let’s address this in a Do’s and Don’ts fashion.

DO take advantage of your meal plan.
DON’T justify eating pizza and french fries everyday just because the dining hall serves it.

DO keep snacks in your dorm.
DON’T keep junk food in your dorm.

DO eat breakfast (along with lunch, dinner, and some snacks in between, but especially breakfast; we all know it’s the most important meal of the day).
DON’T eat late night meals (aka avoid the temptation that comes with Dominos 2am delivery).

DO exercise.
There’s no “DON’T” here. Just do it.

DO socialize and enjoy your college experience, but DON’T drink yourself into oblivion and acquire a beer belly. It’s empty calories, people.

DO watch what you eat; you should have some sort of fruits and veggies everyday.
DON’T count calories. It’ll drive you nuts and can be more harmful than helpful. Listen to your body’s needs instead.

To sum it all up, the reason it’s so easy to gain weight during your freshman year of college is because: food is everywhere and available at all times (especially junk food and fast food), your parents aren’t around to provide you with balanced meals (you’re completely in charge of your food intake for the first time in your life), alcohol, and the stress that comes with adjusting to college life (you might feel like turning to food when you’re overwhelmed with school, but stress eating doesn’t help anything).

Exercise regularly and keep a balanced diet. With that being said, make sure you still enjoy food. I strongly believe in eating what you want and not missing out on all the wonderful food in this world. Everything in moderation is the key! And if you do gain some weight, it’s really not the end of the world. The number on the scale does not determine your worth. The most important thing is feeling healthy and energized.
*This concludes wise words from Esra*

Side Note: I’ll be posting college/freshman year related posts throughout the summer so if you have any specific requests let me know!

With love,


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