Admiring the Swiss Alps


There are a handful of movies I remember watching constantly when I was younger. My number one was undoubtedly Annie (my mom says I used to watch it, rewind to the beginning, and watch it again directly after). Shirley Temple movies were up there in my top 10, if not top 5; specifically Heidi and The Little Princess.

This Easter I was able to fulfill my childhood dream of being Heidi (kind of).
Really what I mean is: I spent the long weekend in Switzerland (Zurich to be exact), and it was breathtaking. Being from New York, going to school in Boston, and studying abroad in London, I’m used to buildings and urbanism. It was crazy to me that waking up to views of the Alps was absolutely normal to the people who live there. I was in awe of how picturesque everything was. I kept saying “I feel like I’m looking at a painting!” The cobblestone streets were lined with quaint shops and cafes that left me wanting to explore all day, which we did.

The more I see of the world, the more my wanderlust grows.

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