I’m Esra

with an S, not a Z (but still pronounced as if with a Z).

Yes, I am aware that Ezra is a boys name; yes, like Ezra from Pretty Little Liars.

I’m a 21 year old New York native of Turkish decent (explaining my name — Esra is a popular Turkish girl’s name). I’m a soon to be Boston University alumna eager to see what this world has to offer and what I have to offer it. I am abnormally organized, consider list-making one of my hobbies (don’t worry, I have normal hobbies too), am a major foodie, and have a bad case of wanderlust.

What does Esra Sevgi mean?

Esra is my name and Sevgi is my middle name. They’re both Turkish names, but Sevgi can actually be directly translated to mean “love.”

So, Esra Sevgi is simply me!

Fun Facts
  • I was allergic to shrimp for 3 years, and they were a very sad shrimpless three years (a little dramatic?)
  • Apparently I really like parentheses
  • My favorite quote is: “Give a person significance and success will never be enough”
  • I got certified as a professional makeup artist when I was 17
  • I am appendix-less
  • I cry when I laugh really hard


Want to get in touch? Shoot me an email at contact@esrasevgi.com!