The Most Underrated Hand Cream


Dry hands are hard to escape this time of year. Hand cream is one of those things we all tend to overlook buying, but desperately need at some point or another.

Unfortunately, not all hand creams are created equal, and the “good” ones tend to be overpriced.

CUE Neutrogena Hand Cream!

It’s only $5 at your local drugstore, and I don’t understand how this isn’t more well known because it is hands down (no pun intended), the BEST hand cream I’ve ever used.

It heals even the most painfully dry, cracked, pealing, gross (great visual, I know) hands. It has a thicker consistency that needs to be rubbed in, but afterwards there’s no slimy residue like some creams can have.

Thank you for being one of my winter staples, Neutrogena.

With love,


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