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Bikini Body Anxiety


The season of the bikini body is fast approaching. The pressure put on women and teens to look essentially flawless in a bathing suit is ridiculous.

We all fall victim to it even if we know better. Our rational side knows that we should love our bodies and not pick apart the areas we’re insecure about. But, with the media constantly posting articles like “top celebrity bikini bodies” and such, it’s hard to always be rational.

There are the moments of clarity where you remember they’re models, they have personal trainers, etc., but then comes the onslaught on bikini and beach posts on Instagram and various social media. This time, they are friends, people from your hometown, not celebrities or models. You find yourself comparing your body to theirs and wishing you had her legs or her stomach. The previous moment of clarity is dead because what excuse can you make for these normal girls and their seemingly perfect bodies?

Everyone is insecure about something even if you couldn’t imagine they ever would be. Those girls, in your moment of weakness, that you aspire to look like have insecurities too. We are our own worst critics and we expect ourselves to be perfect, look perfect, act perfect, but that’s absurd.

“Bikini season” isn’t a 3-4 month long period of comparison and body shaming. It’s a time to enjoy yourself in the warmth of the sun, love your body, and be healthy. Most importantly, it is never okay to pick apart another girl’s body to make yourself feel better about yours.

Don’t let body anxiety get the best of you, it’s not worth it.

With love,


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    Esra Sevgi
    June 7, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    ah thanks julia! so happy you liked it! xo

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