Dorm Room Makeup Storage

Coming at you with another dorm post! Besides bedding, this was probably the area of my dorm that I was most excited about organizing.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand having a counter full of products and other miscellaneous items lined up; it would look too cluttered and drive me crazy! So I started looking up organization ideas for how to store makeup and hair supplies in small spaces aka dorms. I knew I needed a different set up than the one I had at home, because again, I knew I wouldn’t have the luxury of space in my freshman dorm (or dorms in general for that matter).

I came across two wonderful inventions. One from QVC and the other from Bed, Bath and Beyond, although I think they sell it at other places too (I know they definitely sell it in stores at Bed, Bath and Beyond but I couldn’t find it online. If you want to see it online, here’s a link from another website: Shopko. The first, I used to store all my makeup. It’s a bit hard to describe so I’ll let the picture do the talking. What you’ll probably be able to notice, but can’t exactly see in the picture is that it spins so you can place items on all the different sides. The top also has storage — yay for optimizing space! You can organize each section or each side if you’d like. For example, I put all my face products on one side, eyes on another, etc. The second gadget, if you will, has three compartments for your hair tools (slightly hidden in the picture behind hair spray and what not). In mine I had a straighter, curling wand, and blow drier. The metal that it’s made out of is safe for hot tools so you can just put them right back in their place without having to worry about them cooling off first, or burning the container or counter. Also, there is an area in the back for all the cords.

The third organizational piece I had on my dresser stored my brushes, mascaras and eyeliners. This is something that I used at home and just brought to college with me. The one I have is basically three cups attached to each other, but you can easily use any cup or mug or whatever you want (I think mine was originally meant for toothbrushes or something). I filled two of the cups with beads and then placed my brushes in them so that they stood up nicely.

Honestly these three things made the biggest difference for me and I hope that you guys will be able to get some ideas from this if you’re like me and are either A) an organization freak B) have too much makeup or C) all of the above.

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