15 Hours On The Road – A Photo Series

This past week my roommate and I took a road trip down to music city (highly recommend).
A 13.5 hour drive + 2 gas stops + a few bathroom and food (mostly coffee) breaks = 15 hours on the road.

Below is a photo series of those 15 hours: 6am EST to 8pm CDT.
You’ll notice some of the photos aren’t completely in focus, lighting is a bit off, etc., but I think it embraces the real/candid/unedited nature of our time on the road: the tired, the hyper, the “over it”, and everything in-between.

6:19AM EST


7:10AM EST


8:20AM EST


9:46AM EST


10:18AM EST


11:12AM EST


12:39PM EST


1:02PM EST


2:36PM EST


3:05PM EST


4:27PM EST


5:40PM EST


6:22PM EST


7:16PM EST


7:28PM CDT


8:12PM CDT


With love,


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